Eventos Futuros

Neuromodulation Week

Convidamos vocês a participar da Neuromodulation Week, que acontecerá durante os dias 3 e 7 de agosto das 6 pm as 7 pm – horário de Brasília. Evento destinado a discussão e atualização em Neuromodulação. Inscrições pelo site neuromodulationweek.neurocirurgia.online Contamos com vocês


INS 15 WORLD CONGRESS – 1- 6 May, 2021, Barcelona

he 2021 congress of the International Neuromodulation Society, themed Neuromodulation: From Scientific Theory to Revolutionary Therapy, will emphasize the field’s transformative force on disease treatment. A strong theoretical framework has underpinned studies that offer insight into mechanisms of action, and the field has matured into proven therapies delivered with refined and personalized techniques. Plenary sessions from world experts, panel discussions, oral abstract presentations, poster sessions and networking opportunities convey knowledge from multiple disciplines about current practice, future developments, and [...]